Cassia Hall

Line editor

Cassia Hall is the author of the romantic fantasy series, the Seasons Cycle, a spin-off from her main Lake Traveler Saga. Her poetry collections include Poems of Myth & Magick and Songs of Love & Longing.;;

She composes songs for her characters, using music to convey their messages. She believes that, just as music goes beyond barriers of language, colour and creed, stories go straight to our hearts.
Her works feature strong female or LGBTQ+ protagonists. Her writing has been described as ‘lush and lyrical’, her music as ‘LoTR meets GoT and Witcher, with a musical theatre vibe’.

She lives in Toronto, Canada where the winters are long and the other seasons very precious.

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Daiva Paskauskaite


Developmental editor

Book marketing guru

The author of numerous Flash Romance stories in genres from high fantasy to cyberpunk. She focuses her attention on prospects for our future in the technological field (esp. Augmented Intelligence), the evolution of human civilization, and the existence of alternative civilizations.

She enjoys taking challenge to write in most unexpected POVs e.g. merman, demon or rock (why not?).

With a background in software development and an interest in AI, medical innovations, and neuropsychology, she adds authentic details to her stories. Her fondness for human nature enables her to create flawed and lovable characters.

She lives in a small European country, in a house surrounded by forest with a German Shepherd, three cats and a rooster.  

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Erica Damon

Developmental editor and beta reader

Erica Damon is a writer, equestrian, and artist living in Western Massachusetts. She calls herself compulsively creative, and that has led to a collection of ‘what ifs?’ in her back pocket. A self-directed degree from UMass Amherst Commonwealth Honors College furthered her exploration outside of the ordinary.

She writes both thriller/suspense and equestrian romance (the latter under the pen name Isla Ryder). When she’s not working on her own stories, she loves to help others find their own by helping as what she’s deemed a book cheerleader—a mix of developmental editor, alpha/beta reader, and tough-love giving motivator.

Thriller suspense author:

Equestrian romance author under pen name Isla Ryder:

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MK Hall

Beta reader/Proofreader

MK Hall is the author of Empyrean Born and Empyrean Queen, an urban fantasy duet. She has several more stories in progress, from epic fantasy to sci-fi. When she isn’t writing, she’s busy with her newly established editing business. 

Her background is in the financial industry, where she honed her technical content creation and editing skills. She lives in the heart of the Midwest with her husband of 25 years, has a healthy obsession with all things cats, adores dogs, and absolutely loves connecting with new authors. 

Despite growing up under the impression that reading was a chore, books have consumed her adult life, and now…she can’t get enough.

R. L. Fuentes

Art Director and Beta reader

As a writer, Rebecca Fuentes enjoys exploring the dynamics of human interactions and our relationship with the divine. She turns coffee and daydreams into fantasy stories, including her upcoming Oracle Trilogy.

Rebecca has a background in education and child development and enjoys anthropology, history, and psychology. Her childhood interest in mythology and fairy tales fueled her love for the fantasy genre.

Rebecca lives in the Rocky Mountains with her husband, six children, two dogs, and two cats. She collects books and interesting friends. When she isn’t writing and spending time with family, she draws old-school art of her characters.

Author page:

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Madeline Miles

Alpha/Beta reader

Growing up off the grid in Alaska gave Madeleine an undying love for all things mystical, mountainous, and wild. Homeschooling allotted her plenty of time to indulge her love of stories, both reading and creating them. Though college and careers led her away from that passion, she never stopped writing.

She lives in Michigan with her husband and three massive cats, concocting breathtaking adventures where charming heroes sweep readers off their feet, bold women capture their hearts, and light always finds a way to conquer darkness.

Don’t miss her debut romantic high fantasy story, Winter’s Wrath, and follow her on Facebook at MadeleineMilesAuthor for publishing updates, giveaway drawings, and sneak peeks into the savage, isolated world of Sengkar.

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