Resources for indie authors

Resources for indie authors

When I first tried to write Flash Fiction it was a great challenge. All my previous writing attempts ended up as trilogies, so I was a bit uncertain as to how to actually write a story using so few words.

Author Bio is probably the hardest piece of content I’ve ever had to write. It required at least 5 revisions before I came up with something presentable.

During my struggles figuring out what kind of beast it is, I checked more than fifty best-selling authors’ bios and this was the first mistake I made. I stumbled upon a lot of authors who mentioned the titles of their series or how they won some writing contest.

Automatically, I assumed that you won’t have a chance to stand out in the crowd if you don’t have at least 3-5 books in a published series.

But is that really true?

By reviewing other authors' books, you can showcase your own writing style.

Publishing on a Micro Budget

Bringing a book to market doesn't have to clean out your bank account, but you need to understand all that goes into doing it and weigh the cost in time versus money for each piece of the puzzle.