Karl & Smithy - Line Edit by Cassia Hall

Karl & Smithy - Line Edit by Cassia Hall

'Karl & Smithy' is Erica Damon's submission to next summer's SFF romance anthology, A Season for Romance.

She was kind enough to let me record the onscreen line edit and use it to show how I line edit fiction.

This is the first vid in a series of 4 of me line editing the MM romantic flash 'Karl & Smithy'.

As a line editor, I like to show writers what the line edit is for, how it must come after the developmental edit, and the reasoning behind the changes I make/suggest.

Most of the time, it's for flow and readability. Flow gives the reader a smooth reading experience. We never want to break flow because we want to maintain suspension of disbelief.

A Season for Romance is unlike any other SFF romance anthology out there. Not only is there NO buy-in fee, we offer both developmental and line editing by experienced editors to help get your story into the best possible shape.